Training Methodolog

The main task of NCC is to build a strong youth force that aims at ‘Nation Building’. Discipline officers and instructors (JCOs and NCOs) of Defence Forces (Army, Navy and Air Force) along with the Associate NCC Officers (ANOs) impart the necessary training to the cadets. The parameters and methods laid down for imparting NCC training are given below: -

(a) Training of Trainers: For this purpose, teachers of schools/colleges are trained as Associate NCC Officers at NCC Officers Training Academy and commissioned in NCC. Parade Instructors (JCOs and NCOs) of Defence Forces (Army, Navy and Air Force) have specialized knowledge and are also trained for this purpose.

(b) Institutional Training: With the aim to nurture core values, develop self-confidence, enhance awareness and give exposure to basic military skills and knowledge, institutional training is imparted by regular NCC parades in schools/colleges before/after teaching hours. Emphasis is made on practical training with examples from India’s freedom struggle and wars fought by India, post-independence, supplement relevant subjects to generate secular and patriotic fervour. Equal emphasis is given to Drill, Map Reading, Weapon Training and Firing, Camp Training, leadership development programme and SSB screening. All SD/SW cadets are facilitated to pass their 'C' Certificate examination to avail the opportunity to join the Armed Forces. Stipulated syllabus both JD/ JW & SD/ SW are complied with during training in institutes and Battalion/ Group HQs camps.

(c) Camp Training: The basic aim of Camps is to introduce cadets to a regimented way of life. Camp training is a practical manifestation of institutional training. In addition to the Annual Training Camps, National Integration Camps in form of Special National Integration Camps(SNIC) & Ek Bharat Shreshtha Bharat (EBSB) camps are conducted to make cadets understand and value the rich heritage of cultures that forge unity despite the diverse languages, traditions and religions of our country.

(d) Social Service and Community Development: The cadets must imbibe their social and moral responsibilities as an Indian. They must comprehend their duties to their fellow citizens as also to their environment. Social Service activities are structured to inspire and encourage the cadets to participate voluntarily towards improvement of the physical and social environment and channelize their energies in the task of nation building. The focus is on social ills prevailing in the society and the programmes initiated by the government to alleviate them.

(e) Youth Exchange Programme (YEP): The Youth Exchange Programme, presently, being carried out with ten countries, is planned to be extended to more countries so as to enhance awareness among participants and appreciate each other’s socio-economic, cultural realities and act as goodwill ambassadors to project our Nation’s image abroad. Cadets from diverse background and also from far flung areas must be selected to be part of the program.

(f) Adventure Based Learning: Adventure based activities are planned to be enhanced to enable cadets from all areas to hone leadership skills and enhance their character qualities. Treks and other centrally organized adventure activities are to be increased to allow larger participation. The aim of these treks is to inculcate a sense of adventure and also to develop a liking for nature. Cadets with high degree of expertise and proficiency are to be given opportunities to participate in various expeditions.

(g) Sports: The NCC facilitates access to high potential sports like Football, Hockey and Shooting to talented cadets with the aim to participate in national level tournaments. Talent hunting and nurturing there upon, is intrinsic.

(h) Personality Development: The life skills of the cadets is enhanced through a structured Personality Development Programme with specific attention to citizenship, social responsibility, parenting and peer management. Basic Leadership Camps for Junior Division/Wing and Advanced Leadership Camps for Senior Division/Wing enable honing of leadership and team skill of cadets are organised.