NCC is the largest uniformed youth organization of its kind in the world with an authorized strength of about 15 lakh cadets at National level. Strength of NCC cadets in State of Haryana is about 43,000 in 233 colleges and 395 schools. It is through this organization that endeavour is being made to channelize the tremendous power and potential of youth in right direction so that these ‘Builders of the Nation’ are able to shoulder responsibilities in each walk of life.

NCC Academy of Haryana is being constructed at Gharaunda (Karnal). Aim of NCC Academy, Gharaunda (Karnal) is to train and motivate youth to become better citizens and develop qualities of leadership. The training in the Academy is so designed to generate amongst youth a greater sense of Patriotism, Discipline, Self-confidence and Leadership as also community service and social awareness. The NCC Academy is being established with adequate infrastructure available for Training, Camping, Sports and Adventure activities to all the cadets of Army, Navy and Air Force at one central location. These facilities can also be utilized to hold National Level Camps which will assist NCC cadets of Haryana to interact with the cadets of other States. The NCC Academy is likely to be completed till the end of the financial year 2022-23.