The NCC organization has grown considerably during its existence over seven decades. In order to reward the students and to compensate them for the valuable time they spend in NCC training, a number of incentives are being given by the Central and the State Governments to them. These incentives can broadly be categorized under the heads:

  • Concessions in Employment
  • Concessions in Academic Field
  • Scholarships
  • Cash Awards and Prizes/Medals/Trophies
  1. Employment Opportunities
  2. Defence Services
    1. Vacancies are reserved for commission in the Defence Forces for NCC ‘C’ Certificate holders:
      1. Army - IMA Dehradun: Sixty four (64) vacancies every year through UPSC and SSB interview. OTA Chennai – 100 vacancies every year for Short Service Commission (Non Tech), no UPSC exam, only SSB interview.
      2. Navy: Six (6) vacancies per course. No UPSC exam, only SSB interview. Two years age relaxation for NCC ‘C’ Certificate holders.
      3. Indian Air Force: 10% in all courses including flying training course. No AFCAT/UPSC exam, only SSB interview.
    2. For ORS, Sailors and Airmen: 5 to 10 % bonus marks are awarded in recruitment.
    Other Job Opportunities
    1. Para Military Forces: 2 to 10 bonus marks awarded for recruitment.
    2. Central Armed Police Forces: Upto 5% of maximum marks of the examination for the post of Sub-Inspectors and Constables in CAPF are granted to NCC certificate holders.
    3. Department of Telecommunications: Bonus marks awarded for recruitment.
    4. NCC – Civilian Gliding Instructors/Girl Cadet Instructors/Whole Time Lady Officers
    5. State Government – Bonus marks awarded for recruitment and preferences for State Services in certain States.
    6. Industry: Many industries give preference to NCC ‘C’ Certificate holders for various jobs.
  3. Concessions in Academic Field
  4. Weightage is given to cadets holding various certificates at the time of admission for higher studies in colleges and universities.
    1. Weightage of 3 marks and 5 marks is given to the NCC cadets having ‘B’ Certificates and ‘C’ Certificates respectively.
    2. One additional seat in all courses,over and above the sanctioned seats,is given to NCC cadets having ‘C’ Certificate and who have also attended the Republic Day (RD) Parade and Camp.
  5. NCC Scholarship Scheme
    1. Annual Sahara Scholarship: Sahara Group of Companies have formulated a scheme for granting scholarship to cadets as under –
      1. Rs. 5,000 each for three JD and three JW cadets from each Group.
      2. Rs. 15,000 each for two SD and two SW cadets from each Group.
      3. Rs. 40,000 each for 66 cadets for higher studies.
    2. Cadets Welfare Society Scholarship: 1000 scholarships of Rs. 6,000 each and 250 vacancies out of 1000 are reserved for cadets coming from rural/disturbed areas only. An amount of Rs. 5000 each per annum to 500 deserving NCC cadets is awarded who have excelled in academics. Award of Rs. 3000 each to the best cadets and Rs. 2000 each to the second best cadets in each Gp HQ NCC is also awarded. In case of death, permanent disability or temporary disability of a cadet during a NCC related activity, immediate interim financial assistance is also granted by the Cadets Welfare Society.
  6. Cash Awards, Prizes/Medals/Trophies
    1. Best Cadet Awards
      1. Best - Rs. 3,500 each to 4 Best Cadets i.e. One each in SD, SW, JD and JW per Group.
      2. Second - Rs. 2,500 each to 4 Best Cadets i.e. One each in SD, SW, JD and JW per Group.
    2. Republic Day (RD) Camp
    3. NCC cadet who participate in the Republic Day Camp at New Delhi is honoured by Hon'ble Governor with a cash prize of Rs. 21,000 (Rupees twenty one thousand only) along with Medal in a 'AT HOME' function organized immediately after the Republic Day Parade.
    4. Vice Chancellor Medal for Best NCC Cadet
    5. The medal is awarded to the Best Cadet of the University. A special examination is conducted for this purpose and the Best Cadet is selected.
    Note: Amount of prizes and scholarships is revised by the Government at the regular intervals.